Sunday Service

 Time: 11AM


Location: 403 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando Fl 32811



Exposed is our mid-week expository service. Here we look deeper into scripture! After a short expository we split into small groups and discuss in further detail what scripture has exposed to Gods people.

Thursday Night's at 7:30pm

FreeStyle Fridays


War Room is where the Church meets for a night of deep prayer and worship. We invite all to lift up your prayers, fight on the front lines for your faith and experience God in a great, intimate, powerful and personal way.

Wednesday Night's at 7:00pm

Groups Investigating God a.k.a G. I. G. are small groups that meet around our city in various locations and days.  For more information or to find a GIG near you email connect@breakthrough.cc



There are multiple ways to intentionally grow in all aspects of your walk. Whether you are a new follower of Jesus or a seasoned disciple, you can get involved and get invested. Check out your opportunities of growth!



      At BreakThrough we fundamentally believe that Christ has commisioned us to GO and make disciples of all nations. In order to carry out Christ's commission we offer opportunities for everyone to be discipled. BreakThrough 101, King's Way, and Bootcamp are the three ways we carry out God's commission within the fellowship of believers. If you are looking not only to get involved, but to grow in your faith, knowledge, and passion for Christ then get started today. (Classes meet Sunday)



Looking to serve/volunteer!?


  1. Connect with a Leader

Looking to become a Leader!?


  1. Connect with a Leader

Kings Way

King's Way is a class that lays out the King's Highway to Holiness. This class shows us how to avoid falling into one of the many exits of sin. This class also aids in ones own self examination of where his/her walk with Christ is.


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After one completes BreakThrough 101 and King's Way one can be enrolled into Bootcamp. Bootcamp is our 6 month leadership class that teaches what it truly means to be a discipline follower of Christ. This class will teach you how to effectively lead and what leadership for the kingdom of God looks like. Bootcamp needs to be completed for anyone who is interested in church leadership and enrollment is by Pastoral invitation only.


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BreakThrough 101


If you are looking to get involved, BreakThrough 101 is the best place to start! BreakThrough 101 focuses on the fundamentals of our faith and allows one to re-evaluate what he/she believes. Through this class we hope one finds their unique place to begin serving and makes BreakThrough their home.


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