KING'S Highway

King's Highway is a ministry that consists of individuals who are incarcerated. Though incarcerated the good news of the gospel is still shared throughout the prison and penetrates even the strongest bars of the cells. The role of BreakThrough is to commune with those who are incarcerated, fellowship, testify, share the good news of the gospel and poor life into one another through the power of the Holy Spirit. What takes place in Kings Highway (all this is led by the individuals that are incarcerated)



G.R.I.D stands for Getting Real in Discipleship and as believers in Christ we strive to follow Christ’s command which is to go out and make disciples of every nation. Being behind bars does not stop these Disciples of Christ. They are on the yard reaching out to others helping them grow in Christ, holding them accountable and leading with the Word of God!!!





G.R.I.P stands for Getting Real In Prayer as believers the war is not fought in a physical realm but a spiritual realm. The men in Kings Highway lift others in their congregation and other inmates they speak to their. Prayer requests come in from all around the prison even from the guards. It doesn’t stop there; they take part in individual prayer groups in each of their pods. This is a location where there are 10,000 men and they have multiple pods where they actively hold prayer sessions. These men are on fire and Jesus is at the center of it all!